Ke Kula O Ka Pookela (School of Excellence) is an award-winning program, the first of its kind in Hawaii, which immerses all employees in Hawaiian history, traditions and culture. And it’s this program that has transformed us from a traditional "corporate" hotel to the leader in cultural tourism today.

Pookela classes include the opportunity for employees of all various departments to gather and get to know one another.Created by Hotel General Manager Mike White and Dr. George Kanahele, a leading authority on Hawaiian culture, the program includes topics like Hawaiian geography, religion, mythology, economics, technology and the native Hawaiian diet. A groundbreaking program, Pookela is chief among many reasons that the Kaanapali Beach Hotel is recognized by numerous industry awards each year, including Travel Age West's Best Resort for a Hawaiian Cultural Experience and National Geographic Traveler's "Stay List".

Kaanapali Beach immerses visitors in Hawaiian culture, recent article in Honolulu StarAdvertiser, April 24, 2011